Language Learning

As a gringo living in Mexico, I’m learning something new every day. Often times I teach myself words focused on a specific subject so I can talk about the things I’m passionate about with others. Then I like to pass it on to you.

Let me know if there’s a subject you’d like me to focus on and I’ll try to put it up!

  • Ultimate Anki Spanish Kitchen Deck
    I think all of us spend some time in the kitchen every day. Since it’s an everyday part of our lives, it’s important that we know how to talk about it in Spanish if we’re serious about learning. Let me know what you think in the comments and tell me if I made a mistake.
  • Anki Spanish Weather Deck
    Weather is a subject we can talk about with anyone so if we’re learning Spanish it helps to have some common words about it in our vocabulary. Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any useful weather words or I’ve made a mistake.
  • Anki Spanish Computer Deck, Part 5: Internet
    We’re on the Internet right now and we’re trying to learn Spanish. There’s no better reason to expand our vocabulary a bit with these words for talking about the Internet and what we do on it.
  • Anki Spanish Bird Deck
    I like to take pictures of birds. I also live in Mexico. If I want to talk to anyone about doing one of the things I like, I need to learn some new words.
  • Anki Spanish Computer Deck, Part 4: Email
    For most people today, email is a part of daily life. If we want to continue to learn Spanish, we need to be able to talk about the things we de every day. Today, I’m dropping another short, simple deck of Spanish words all about email.
  • Anki Spanish Computer Deck, Part 3: The Desktop
    Let’s continue with our computer-themed Anki decks! This time I’m dropping a deck of words and short phrases dedicated exclusively to interacting with our computer desktop. I find when I’m trying to explain how to do something on a computer, I have to resort to English too often simply because I don’t know the vocabulary for something I use everyday.
  • Anki Spanish Computer Deck, Part 2: Social Media
    Today we’re continuing our theme from yesterday: computers. For many people, social media is an every day part of life. It’s also how many people find practice partners for language learning. Since we’re trying to learn Spanish, we need to learn how to talk about our interactions with social media like Facebook, Titter, and Instagram. The deck is free to access and download here. Feel …
  • Anki Spanish Computer Deck, Part 1
    With all of the work I’ve been doing with my computer lately, it was time to expand my vocabulary so I could talk about some of my hobbies with my Mexican friends. I’ve made a small 22-word deck to get us started with more to come in the coming weeks.
  • Anki Spanish Beach Deck
    Now that summer has nearly started and schools in the northern hemisphere are starting to let out, it’s time to head to the beach. And for those of you who are learning Spanish like me, I’ve made a short Anki deck with 45 words for us to practice.

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