Document Design

This project was the ultimate labor of love. It was a lot of work that didn’t make me any money but I had a blast doing it. At the time I was doing it, nobody was interested in a fan magazine of any size so it wasn’t very popular or well known.

The First Run

The first run was a whole bunch of learning. I had worked for my university’s newspaper and new how to use InDesign so I figured that this couldn’t be that hard. It wasn’t hard but it was a lot of work and I learned a lot about getting things printed.

Issue 1, April 2006

Issue 2, May 2006

The Second Run

This time around I had a team of unpaid writers and I was putting out 16 pages a month! I don’t feel bad about that because I paid to print the newsletter and paid for the website so I didn’t have any money to pay them. I’m pretty sure I was working as a waiter at the time. I stopped doing these issues because it was easier to maintain the website at that point and that’s where all of our visitors were going.

Issue 3, January 2007

Issue 4, February 2007

The Final Run

I had to give it one more go. I love the process of designing these things and it really did seem like a good idea at the time. This last batch was designed to be less text dense and give readers a quick hit of information. I thought they were super cool, but nobody read them.

Issue 5, October 2007

Issue 6, November 2007