I’ve been teaching myself programming since Qbasic was a thing but lately I’ve been learning Javascript. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!


I’ve definitely put the most love into this program. It started out as a simple learning exercise for Javascript but it spiraled into a months long project, the fruits of which I share with you. Any artists who know how to make original 8-bit monsters what to help me out?

Mathemagicus on GitHub
Mathemagicus on

Project Euler Solutions

I’m not the best at solving Project Euler problems but I like giving them a try and they’re sooo satisfying to solve. Spoilers ahead so view at your own risk!

Project Euler solutions on GitHub
Project Euler solutions on

Long Count Calculator

This one still needs some polishing but I’m pretty happy with where it’s at now so I don’t mind sharing it. Let me know how you would make it better!

Long Count Calculator on GitHub

Teaching English

These are small programs I’ve put together to help the students I’m informally teaching.

To Be on GitHub