Marvel: The Characters and Their Universe

By Ahmad Chaudhary

I loved this book. Maybe because it only took me a week to read it. Maybe because I don’t know much about the Marvel Universe or maybe because I’m just in a good mood today!

You’ll have to decide for yourself whether this book is for you or if it will be a good gift. Hopefully my review will help you make an informed decision. I got it free from a friend who worked at a discount book store and it was worth more than the free “Transformers” ticket I got over the summer.

Luxuriously finished in thick, black, padded, full-grain leather-like vinyl, the cover features a 3D matte-finish image of some of Marvel’s finest flanking the Thing – featuring Spider-Man leaping above, Wolverine and Captain America lunging beneath, Invisible Woman floating on the right, Elektra poised with sais ready to the left and the Incredible Hulk supplementing with his own heavy hitting close behind the pack. In a subdued Daredevil Crimson above the eye-popping image, it decrees in a stately font in all capital letters, “MARVEL”, while below it says “The Characters and Their Universe.” A direct linear history, it masquerades as something more due to the fact that the dimensions coupled with the weight of around five pounds give it a tome-like presence. Continue reading “Marvel: The Characters and Their Universe”