Comic Book Virgins: Meet Ted

With the plethora of comic book films coming out in recent years and the success of such ventures like the annual Free Comic Book Day, I thought it’d be interesting to see what non-comic book fans think of today’s comic books.

Our first experiment this time out is Ted. Ted is twenty eight years old and read a couple comic books as an early teen but wasn’t a serious collector or anything like that. He considers Batman Begins the best “comic book” movie but also has enjoyed the Spider-Man, X-Men and Superman films as well as a few movies like Ghost World and A History of Violence that Ted didn’t even realize we based on comic books.

So Ted tagged along with me for Free Comic Day in early May and picked up a couple of new titles, along with a couple books off the rack that caught his eye. What will Ted think? Continue reading “Comic Book Virgins: Meet Ted”