How to Look Good in Our Dress Shirts

If our outfits were a sentence, our shirts would be the subject. Our shirt can dictate the rest of our outfit based on its color and cut. Shirts also frame our face and define our silhouette, so it’s critical that they fit properly. A shirt that doesn’t fit properly will make us look larger than we are. If it’s too big it will create a “muffin top” around our waist and make our sleeves billow like a pirate’s. If it’s too small it will highlight every bulge and curve on our bodies and restrict our arm movement. And keep in mind, very few store-bought shirts will fit us perfectly. Mass-produced shirts are made to mostly fit most people and a perfect fit likely won’t be found without the help of a tailor.


With the collar buttoned, our shirts should afford us enough room to breathe without making us look like we’re wearing our father’s shirt. We should be able to fit a finger or two between our neck and the collar of the shirt. The collar is one of the basic measurements of men’s dress shirts (the other being sleeve length). When we find a shirt that fits us well around the neck, we should remember the measurement for future purchases.

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Task 2 – Fitness, Strength, and Style

What we wear and how we wear it are not the only things that can affect our style. Our general level of fitness and activity can have an effect on our self-esteem, and how we feel about ourselves has a direct effect on our style. In fact, exercise has so many benefits and is so good for us that I shouldn’t have to convince anyone of its value.

Still, before we start, it’s important that we identify why we want to begin an exercise program. Knowing why we’re working and what we’re working for will make it easier to stick to our program. The benefits I’m looking for are a flatter stomach, a more defined upper body, and the preventative health benefits of a more active lifestyle.

For the next 30 days I will be completing a modified version of’s 30-Day Walking to Running program.

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