Brielle and the Horror #1: Actors Come to Graphic Fiction

I picked up a lot of comic books at the recent Wizard World Con in Philadelphia. A lot of comic books. None of them have stayed with me as much as Brielle and the Horror. I picked up a copy on that first Friday and immediately returned to the creative team the next day to give them a heaping dose of positive feedback. I pulled a couple of wayward guests over to their table, as well.

This is the first issue of a live-action graphic novel. The creators have used real actors to portray the characters in the book and then photographed the “panels” in sequence to the story and then hand drew over the photos to create a pretty unique-looking piece of art. The only time I remember someone doing anything like this was Brian Michael Bendis (New Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man) on his early work, like AKA Goldfish and Jinx, but it didn’t seem to be done to the same extent as this. I can’t begin to tell you how strange it was to see the “actors” at the Loaded Barel stand, read the book and then see the actors again. Continue reading “Brielle and the Horror #1: Actors Come to Graphic Fiction”