Stoopid Ugly Stik: The Rise and Fall of Nintendocore

Stoopid Ugly Stik is a former band out of Dallas, Texas. The band, composed of SX on vocals and keys, Tony on bass and 7734 on guitar, split up due to lack of interest. One CD – Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Start – was released over the Internet at no cost, but it is difficult to find now.

Their MySpace page describes their type of music as “Nintendocore.” When you hear the growls and screams from SX, you’ll begin to understand why. For a three-man band, they put out a surprising amount of sound and energy.

If you couldn’t figure out what the songs were about you’d be tempted to put Stoopid Ugly Stik in a techno-rock/thrash-core/heavy-metal genre, but when you realize that most of the songs are only about video games it becomes clear where the Nintendocore label comes from. Continue reading “Stoopid Ugly Stik: The Rise and Fall of Nintendocore”