Team Medical Dragon

Guest Post

Well, chances are he wouldn’t get along with Asada Ryutaro either. Then again, that isn’t saying much. Like Dr. House, Ryutaro (the lead character of the ongoing manga Team Medical Dragon) has managed to piss off just about all of his superiors and is only being kept on due to his amazing skill – the same skill that led an aspiring assistant professor to seek him out of his almost hermit-like seclusion in the first place.

At the beginning of the story, Ryutaro has been driven out of the world of institutional medicine by disgust over the political and business practices of the university health care system. He’s tired of the “feudal society ruled by an incompetent lord,” in which those who suck up to the heads of the departments (with the official titles of “Professor”) get the best positions, rather than those who are most skilled. In fact, it was his unwillingness to follow the orders of the professor of his department (opting, of course, to continue to provide medical care for a third-world country) that got him ejected from the world of Japanese medicine in the first place. Continue reading “Team Medical Dragon”