World’s Finest: Superman and Batman WB Stores Exclusives

By Ahmad Chaudhary

For a little background information on why these DC top dogs are referred to as World’s Finest, they were the stars of the DC Comics series of the same name that ran from 1941 to 1986.

Nonetheless, these were not packaged together – or packaged at all, for that matter. All they had was a cardboard tag with a plastic tie around one of the appendages. Shortly before the global demise of the Warner Bros. Studio stores’ chain, I picked these up at the King of Prussia Mall back in 2001. They also had a Barbara Gordon Batgirl, a Robin and the Joker, all of which I was an idiot for not picking up, especially at only $9.99 each.

Of course at the time I wasn’t aware of any events that would cause the chain to implode almost overnight, those events being the merger of media titans Timer Warner (which owns Warner Bros, DC Comics and related properties) and Turner Broadcasting. Continue reading “World’s Finest: Superman and Batman WB Stores Exclusives”

X Mutations Wolverine Two-Pack: AO on Toys

By Ahmad Chaudhary

I don’t remember how much I paid for this Wolverine two-pack, but I bought it brand new at retail price from my days of generally severe Toys “R” Us scouring and suspect I paid somewhere in the $20- to $40-dollar range. I was obsessed with X-men: The Movie. The fact that I was extremely pleased with 20th Century Fox’s adaptation of my favorite Marvel superhero team was in no small part due to Hugh Jackman’s excellent – and career-making – performance as my favorite Marvel character, Wolverine. Although Jackman, at six feet two inches tall, was nearly a foot taller than the man eventually revealed to have been born as James Howlett, he cleaned up on the screen thanks to real acting chops, no doubt gained from stage experience in his native Australia and a ripped physique he achieved exclusively for the role. Continue reading “X Mutations Wolverine Two-Pack: AO on Toys”