Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened

Guest Post

I really need to become more in tune with what’s going on in comics aside from the major news that comes directly from the larger publishers.

The editor of the book describes in his introduction how he went about lining up various comic book creators and assigning them each a postcard in which to form their story.

Most of the creators involved may not be the most recognizable names. Harvey Pekar is probably the most well known, but the work also features contributions from talents like Tom Beland, Joshua Fialkov, Michael Gaydos and Stuart Moore,

The premise of the book is amazingly simple, but still wholly unique: A postcard is handed off to a comic creator and the creator needs to tell a story about the message that was written on the postcard. In some instances, the creator chose to establish a story based on the few simple words that were written on the back. Others decided to create a world from the picture on the front. Continue reading “Postcards: True Stories That Never Happened”