Finishing What We Started

If you keep up with my workout log you’ll see that I haven’t been as diligent with my workouts these past two weeks as I had been. That got me to thinking about how I can make sure I stay on track with my exercise. After scouring the internet for the best advice out there and thinking on my own experiences, I’ve come up with a list of different ways to stay motivated to work out and to finish the work out.


The most important motivator for me, and the one that gets listed with the most consistency on other sites, is to set a goal. A goal gives us something to work towards and a reason to work through any obstacles. The trick is not to set a goal that’s beyond what we can accomplish. It doesn’t matter how simple our goal is, the important thing is that we can reach it. Continue reading “Finishing What We Started”

Stretching: When and Why


I thought when I started researching this topic that there would be some cut and dry answers to my questions. Instead, it turns out there is a lot of contradicting advice. Some writers swear a static stretch routine following a workout or run reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, yet others say they never stretch post-workout and have yet to see any ill effect.

While no two sources seem to agree on the specifics of when or why to stretch, when we look at the bigger picture a sort of consensus begins to emerge.

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Task 2 – Fitness, Strength, and Style

What we wear and how we wear it are not the only things that can affect our style. Our general level of fitness and activity can have an effect on our self-esteem, and how we feel about ourselves has a direct effect on our style. In fact, exercise has so many benefits and is so good for us that I shouldn’t have to convince anyone of its value.

Still, before we start, it’s important that we identify why we want to begin an exercise program. Knowing why we’re working and what we’re working for will make it easier to stick to our program. The benefits I’m looking for are a flatter stomach, a more defined upper body, and the preventative health benefits of a more active lifestyle.

For the next 30 days I will be completing a modified version of’s 30-Day Walking to Running program.

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