Funimation Airing Episodes on YouTube

Some of you may have already heard about the new Funimation channel that’s popped up on YouTube but it’s news to me so I’m sharing it with you.

As of August 4th they will be showcasing four of their shows on YouTube. Currently in Funimation’s weekly lineup are episodes five through eight of Blue Gender, Kiddy Grade, Peach Girl, and Slayers. Continue reading “Funimation Airing Episodes on YouTube”

Claymore: Basilisk for Girls? Well…Not Exactly

I’m a big fan of shows with dark settings. I’m also a big fan of shows with intriguing plots. Some fast-paced action here and there doesn’t hurt; neither does excellent art.

That said, I’m not particularly picky when it comes to genres. If you’ve got a sci-fi epic, a tale of modern-day espionage or a fantastic tale of swords and sorcery, I’m pretty much good as long as you manage to include some or all of the above. Considering my roots in Record of Lodoss War, though, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for shows that manage to pull them off in a medieval world. Continue reading “Claymore: Basilisk for Girls? Well…Not Exactly”

Basilisk: To My Beloved: Please Die


This anime is so hot it can’t be shown on standard cable. Based on the 1958 novel The Kouga Ninja Scrolls by Futaro Yumada, Basilisk is the latest from Studio Gonzo and it shines like little else before it.

The action in Basilisk is reminiscent of Ninja Scroll, but the story is unlike anything else out there. Gennosuke is next in line for leadership of the Kouga ninja clan. Oboro is next in line for the Iga ninja. The two clans are the bitterest of enemies—with a feud going back over 400 years—yet Gennosuke and Oboro are all but betrothed. Peace is about to come to the long-feuding clans. Continue reading “Basilisk: To My Beloved: Please Die”

Afro Samurai: The Hunt for Number One


The hottest anime on American TV right now is undoubtedly Afro Samurai. The entire show is based on an action figure seen by Eric Calderon and created by Takashi Okazaki. Though the story of Afro Samurai spans just his life, Okazaki’s original idea spanned a timeline of 1,000 years!

As a boy Afro watched his father killed by Justice, voiced by Ron Perlman, for the right to be called the number one fighter in the world. Left with only his father’s severed head, young Afro is left in the wilderness. He is eventually taken in by a sword-master, where he learns the way of the samurai. Continue reading “Afro Samurai: The Hunt for Number One”

Trinity Blood: The Vatican, Virtue, Vice and Vampires

Most of you anime otaku will be familiar with the story of Trinity Blood by now. It centers around a Catholic priest named Abel Nightroad, a crusnik (a vampire that feeds off of other vampires), Tres Equis, a super cyborg controlled by the church and designed for combat, and Sister Esther, a [mostly] innocent young nun caught up in the sweep of world affairs.

In the U.S. the anime has been out since September 26, but the manga was released five weeks later on November 7. Although the stories are similar, there are some key differences between the two that make the manga superior. Continue reading “Trinity Blood: The Vatican, Virtue, Vice and Vampires”

Hare+Guu: A Trip into the Jungle

Hare + Guu (Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu in Japan) is one of those series that you like for no reason you can put your finger on. Words like “charming” or “fun” would best describe it, but they don’t really explain why they are, just the simple fact. I would probably term the show “crazy,” but affectionately so.

The series follows the life of young Hare, a boy who resides in a jungle with his buxom, single mother, Weda. They’re part of an odd village, with characters that are off-the-wall to say the least. Among them are the Village Elder, well known for his prodigious chest hair; Wiggle, a minor character who rails against his background status; and a psychic hairdresser who believes her deceased husband lives on. Continue reading “Hare+Guu: A Trip into the Jungle”