Wednesday Wrap-Up

Anna Mercury 2 #1

Hooray! Anna Mercury is back! In this new series one of the constellation worlds has sent something into our world and it’s Anna Mercury’s job to recon this previously unexplored world that inhabits a dimension next to ours. The hottest red head in comics since Mary Jane Watson is in it up to her neck almost as soon as she hits the ground. I’ve got nothing but wonderful things to say about this comic. Buy this comic. Subscribe to it. You’ll thank me.

Berserker #0
Top Cow

Okay Milo Ventimiglia, thanks for the new comic series and all but weren’t you supposed to be working on Rest. Did that series ever finish? I don’t think so. Essentially Berserker is exactly what I thought it would be: a dude going crazy from blood lust killing anyone he meets. The surprise is that I enjoy the setup to what I know is coming. If Top Cow can keep that up, I’ll stick with the series.

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Geisha: Artificial Artist

Guest Post

Geisha is a fun little book. Just take a look at the dimensions: five and three-quarters inches long, eight and one-quarter inches wide and a scant one-quarter of an inch thick. I suppose this makes it manga-sized and manga-styled since it’s in black and white and maybe even manga-fun but since I’ve never read any, I don’t really know how fun manga is. I have, however, seen it in the wild so I know the size is correct. Well, that and Matt Wagner helped me out by referring to the Japanese-originated genre in the introduction.

Geisha centers around an android, Jomi Sohodo, a starving artist who lacks credibility with a critic based on her artificial origin. Her lifelong passion is to become successful at painting and to avoid having to get a humdrum day job, which in her case would be defined as working for her adoptive human family that owns a personal security business run mainly by her three brothers and her father. Though the freedom limitations for androids are not clearly defined, Continue reading “Geisha: Artificial Artist”