Equestrian Statues

“Equestrian statues have always served, through the centuries, a kind of epic purpose.”

Although Washington, D.C., is a city known for its statuary, the most compelling – and the most admired – are the statues of a horse and its rider. There are over 20 such statues in the District (more than any other American city) and they represent not just Americans, but foreigners and even ideals.

General José de San Martín

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Farragut Square

“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

Sandwiched between K Street and I Street is one of D.C.’s more traveled parks. During lunch hours it is ringed with food trucks of all varieties, from Latin and Thai to American and Mediterranean. It’s in the heart of the Washington’s business district with businesses including the Army and Navy Club, Con Agra Foods, the Center for Public Integrity, and International Labor Rights surrounding it.

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