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Hopefully we’ve all had a chance to read the article I wrote about Psycho Bunny by now. I think it’s clear that I’m a fan of the brand, but as I pored over my research, there were a few things I still wanted to know more about. I reached out to Psycho Bunny directly for some insights, and co-founder Robert Godley gave us a peek into the level of dedication required to produce a brand that continues to create high-quality clothing and remain relevant and competitive in the cut-throat luxury retail industry.

Style Zero 2 Style Hero: Where do you draw inspiration for your patterns?

Robert Godley: I have an interest in pop art and its origins. Our logo being such a distinct graphic lends itself to this application and seems to resonate well with our audience.

SZ2SH: Do you wear the clothing you design?

RG: Absolutely, wearing and washing a garment is the only true test. I also wear clothing from other brands for a first hand comparison. Ultimately, the goal is to offer the best quality and value in the market place.

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SZ2SH: Genius Brands describes themselves as “a multi-media entertainment company dedicated to providing ‘content and products with a purpose’ for toddlers to tweens.” Why did you go with them to represent your line of men’s wear?

RG: Our agent, Stone Newman, was a retail customer who came to see us at our showroom to exchange an exclusive item he purchased at Barney’s. He showed up wearing a tie that I had designed while working for Drake’s Of London. We ended up enjoying a two hour conversation together and his enthusiasm for what we were doing was paramount. In short, I believe in finding good people and creating opportunities.

SZ2SH: You recently licensed your socks out to Leg Resource, Inc. after manufacturing them yourselves. What prompted this change?

RG: It was always the last piece of the collection that I tackled and the growing audience was enough to suggest that it needed specialist attention. They are still manufactured in the same factory as when we very first started.

SZ2SH: Why Peru? Pima is grown in the US and around the world. What makes the Peruvian cotton better?

RG: We have found several good manufacturing partners in Peru. The pima cotton is spun locally and most factories are fully vertical. They are responsible for the quality from the beginning to end of the production. In the beginning we produced in Europe and then in Asia. The quality was not up to scratch and there is close to 20% duty on the goods. Back in 2007, I spent ten days in Peru visiting as many factories as possible and researching the business. Their incredible facilities, proud work force and trade free agreement with the US enabled us to make a superior product with no impact to our retail prices.

SZ2SH: Why do you have your merino wool woven in Italy but your cashmere woven in England?

RG: Making quality product is all about knowing which tool best fits the job. For example, a carpenter has an array of tools for different applications. I view fabrics and garments in the same manner. Quite simply each factory has their own specialty.

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