EVE TV: PPV for the PVP Crowd

So…, what is EVE TV? Originally, EVE TV was a free service to EVE Online players that allowed us to watch the very popular alliance tournaments. In order to make the tournaments more than just sitting there watching ships blow each other up – which is in itself fun – EVE TV added a studio with commentators (read: people from the EVE community) giving us not only the blow-by-blow of the game but also other related content, such as interviews with the DEV’s and news about upcoming game-related events.

The first of these events that I watched on EVE TV, a tournament that spanned a few days, was a lot of fun for me. I enjoyed watching the alliances fight it out and, in fact, this is one of the reasons I decided to join in the first place. After all, any MMO company that offers a service like that to its players for free has to be good.

The next event, however, was a tad different. CCP had decided to go through a distribution company named Jalipo and, as a result, if players wanted to see the higher quality versions of the tournament they had to pay. This experiment turned into a bit of a mess due to issues with the servers in which members were frequently unable to watch what they had paid for. Continue reading “EVE TV: PPV for the PVP Crowd”