Caught My Eye: Dracula vs. King Arthur

Guest Post

If there is one comic that most influenced me over any others, then Dracula vs. King Arthur is it. I fully attribute my comic-buying decisions of the last two years to on this title. Before I met Christian at a small comic show in Dallas, I was curious about other comics published from outside the “Big 2” but I was afraid to dish out the money. I picked up issues 1 and 2 of Dracula vs. King Arthur and something changed in me. I saw for the first time that other types of stories were out there, and they were good!

Dracula vs. King Arthur was written by two brothers, Adam and Christian Beranek. They started the small press publishing company Silent Devil to help up-and-coming creators have an avenue to tell interesting and different stories. Dracula vs. King Arthur falls squarely in this category. At first glance, it sounds like it would be super-cheesy, but story is done very well. That’s what surprised me the most when I read it. I figured I was in for some over the top mash-up story, but it turned out to be an intriguing concept. It’s a bit of a mixture between the horror and history genres, but it doesn’t come across as hokey or absurd. Continue reading “Caught My Eye: Dracula vs. King Arthur”

Death Comes to Dillinger: Western style Horror

Another great Wizard World find was Death Comes to Dillinger, a horror/western. James Patrick, the writer, was a person I was quite familiar with from being a member of several of the same comic message boards. (That sounds incredibly geeky!) He did some online comic strips years ago that I enjoyed reading, and I’d heard about this series for awhile but never had a chance to pick it up.

One of the more interesting things about this new age of comics and how it relates to the Internet and vice versa is that you feel you actually know these people. I’ve probably read posts from James for five or six years now, and you get the sense you know these people. In actuality, I’ve never met him and I don’t even believe we ever communicated in a message board thread. That has its perks, since I actively sought out the book, which made it an easier find for me. Participating in these comic groups can have its advantages.

None of this is really the point, I guess. Death Comes to Dillinger is a great book. It’s a great-looking book. It’s got a great story. It’s got moments of fantastic dialogue, and it even has some iconic images that just capture your attention and stay with you. Death on a horse… riding into town. There’s your movie poster right there. Continue reading “Death Comes to Dillinger: Western style Horror”