MAGFest 7 Approaches

I know I haven’t been taking good care of Amish Otaku lately and for that I apologize but something of great importance has roused me from my apathy. In a little over two months one of the most epic events to grace this continent will be upon us and I feel it is my responsibility, no, my duty to herald its approach. Only once per … Continue reading MAGFest 7 Approaches

Bat-mania: Commisioner Gordon’s 1951 Studebaker from Batman Forever

Can anyone name a Studebaker model other than the Avanti? I could not until my crash course in the gorgeous works of one of American’s storied but rarely seen automobile makes. Luckily, after around 40 years, the international Studebaker club decided to have their meet once again in Lancaster, PA this week and I got a history lesson on the brand that was originally founded … Continue reading Bat-mania: Commisioner Gordon’s 1951 Studebaker from Batman Forever

Bat-mania: More Bat-kicks (and some Supes shoes also)!

Limited Soles Hey everybody! Anyone try on Air Force 1’s? They are super comfy, like wearing a velour cigar robe for your feet! With the Velcro strap on the mid and high models and “Air Sole” in all, they have every bit of that old-school panache from the days when Casio watches were high-tech and 190hp was incredible power from a V8. They have been … Continue reading Bat-mania: More Bat-kicks (and some Supes shoes also)!

Transformers: Air Trainer Huarache, Air Max 90 Boot, and Air Trainer 2 aka Bo Jacksons

If anyone needs to satisfy their jonesing for Transformers anything, consider these creatively designed kicks produced by Nike. While these were released last year to coincide with the live-craption movie, Transfans may want to pick up a pair to hold themselves out until the sequel, titled Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen like an F-grade butt-rock band, bows next summer, which will probably bring forth a … Continue reading Transformers: Air Trainer Huarache, Air Max 90 Boot, and Air Trainer 2 aka Bo Jacksons

Bat-mania: Keaton Batmobile on Ebay!

None other than Keaton Batmobile number five is up for sale on Ebay! The price is currently up at over $110,000 with the reserve not met and around 20 hours to go, this is wee bit on the expensive side. On the other hand, there were only four more of these Impala based and Chevy 350 powered icons ever made with the added bragging rights … Continue reading Bat-mania: Keaton Batmobile on Ebay!

Caught My Eye: Serpo

Devil’s Due Publishing





Guest Post

My stalking habits of Jason M. Burns and Joe Eisma continue with this review of Serpo out of Devils Due Publishing. What can I say, these guys seem to have single handedly sucked me in using their tractor beam from their mother ship. Serpo is a sci-fi story that is based on the “true” events following the alien space ship crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

The Dummy’s Guide to Danger: Lost at Sea team of writer Jason M. Burns and artist Joe Eisma have re-united on a project spearheaded by the TV producer Vin Di Bona. The interesting thing about this story is that is based on the true events that played out of the UFO that supposedly crashed back in late 1940’s. The events that transpired are documented in extensive detail on the website Assuming this story did indeed happen, reading the graphic novel plays out more like a documentary than a sci-fi thriller. Continue reading “Caught My Eye: Serpo”

Bat-mania: Batman: The Long Halloween

Guest Post

“I believe in Harvey Dent.”

The statement is briefly mentioned in Batman: A Long Halloween, but belief in all things hopeless and Gotham related is a theme in this book. Readers with Superman-tinged hearing will also remember the quote from permeating The Dark Knight, in case anyone has seen it. 400 million dollars later, the last statement is as dry humor as I can produce and after having written Bat-mania for three consecutive months, I have only now begun to get a little bored.

Anyhow, Long Halloween is a follow up to Batman:Year One, and the sequel you will note has not been crafted by Miller and Mazzucchelli as the first was, but be aware that Jeph Loeb and Sale did get permission from the legend to write it. This follow up chronicles a period of time after the original post-Crisis origin story and follows Batman on the hunt of a killer known only as Holiday since they only strike on holidays. In the meantime,every classic Batman villain becomes entangled in the plot including the Joker, Catwoman, Riddler and even the Mad Hatter. A mob war has also exploded between the Maroni and Falcone families keeping Batman, Dent and the police in general as busy as possible during the course of the 368 page book.

Having never read anything by Jeph Loeb or having ever investigated Sale’s artwork, this was a very pleasurable first experience, in which a highly structured story is enveloped in mythical, dramatic, Art Nouveau-esque visuals.

Continue reading “Bat-mania: Batman: The Long Halloween”