EVE Online: Revelations


“EVE is shiny.”This was a comment by a friend of mine a while back when we were discussing the MMO I’d been watching my roommate play for a few months. I had been considering taking up the game myself, while she-a devoted FFXI player-had been trying to recruit me into the throngs of Vana’diel.

To be honest, I had never really played an MMO of any kind. It just wasn’t something I’d felt inclined to do. In fact, I had told many people that if I want to interact with others, I’d leave my house. Video games were something I played so that I didn’t have to bother with other people.

For these reasons, I didn’t tell my roommate when I decided to download the EVE client and install it. In fact, it was a week or more before I mentioned to him the desire to play at all. (To be honest, I was still working on the tutorial for my first avatar.) Continue reading “EVE Online: Revelations”