What do you think? (Suggestions)

When I was a writer for Amish Otaku (which was Otaku Project before it became said), I had a list of ideas in the “Asian History and Culture” section that I had been meaning to write about and was never able to, for one reason or another. Now that OP is up and running, I have a reason to bring out this list again! Here it is, as it has been for the past couple of years!

deciphering strange commercials/gameshows w/out knowing the language
difference between “Japan” and “the Japanese”
high culture (kimonos, geisha, & tea ceremonies)
annual festivals and their origins
Zen gardens, bonsai, Asian flora
Japanese vs. American cosplaying
Jpop, gothic lolitas, & other oddities
history of sushi/ramen/chopsticks
life, work, and etiquette in Japan
on getting schooled, Japanese style
so who were the samurai/ninja/geisha, really?
VIP places/people/events profiles
history of origami and paper crafts
Shinto, Zen Buddhism, other religions
eras/time periods/currencies
WWII internment camps

My question to you is this: are any of these ideas something you’d like to see in the near future on this site? If so, which ones? I also watch and read (and review!) anime and manga. Would you rather have more of that sooner, instead, and then ease into the Asian culture stuff? (Seriously, I love anime and manga, too, so it won’t be a let down or a chore for me either way.) Do you have any suggestions?

Similarly, do you have any suggestions for the site in general? What do you love about most anime/manga and gaming websites? What would you like to see more of? Comment here, or—if you’re so inclined—drop me a line at iwasborninjune @ gmail . com (without spaces, of course). I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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