Eastern Culture: Japanese Holidays

Guest Post

There are plenty of holidays that the United States and Japan share. Buuuut, there are also plenty of holidays unique to Japan, and that’s what interests me. What are these holidays and why do the Japanese have them?

If you haven’t been able to figure out from all the anime you’ve watch over the past ten years, Japanese culture is workaholic. You know how some Americans work 80 hours a week and never have time for family or friends or anything besides working? Well, the whole Japanese culture is like that. Over there, when you’re in business, you’re in business, and if you’re not… you might be a slacker. Continue reading “Eastern Culture: Japanese Holidays”

What’s with Pocky?

I’m sure, if you’re reading Amish Otaku, you already know what Pocky is. If not, let me give you a quick rundown. Pocky is a thin breadstick dipped in chocolate or some other flavor of melty goodness (like strawberry, “almond crush” or vanilla crème) and then packaged in bundles and sold for exorbitant amounts of money at anime and gaming conventions. And that’s usually where the knowledge of Pocky ends. Hah! But not today, my friends! Continue reading “What’s with Pocky?”