Caught My Eye: New Warriors #1

Sofia in New Warriors #1
Marvel Comics

For all of you who are not in the know, Marvel Comics recently had a huge crossover by the name of Civil War. Basically, the New Warriors were hotshot young heroes and made a bad choice when they went into a battle they couldn’t win. That mistake cost them their lives as well as the lives of many civilians. Since then, all heroes must register their identity as well as their powers to the authorities.

This new incarnation of the New Warriors is rebelling against the current system and continuing the job of putting the baddies behind bars. From what’s been released so far, the premise is about this new team trying to make up for what the previous team did and trying to redeem them to a degree, since they were made out to be the scapegoats (or martyrs.)

Now that we have the backstory done, on to the good stuff!

First off, this comic is written by a fellow named Kevin Grevioux. Mr. Grevioux is relatively new to the comic book field. If you’ve seen the movie Underworld and its sequel, then you have a little taste of what to expect because he wrote both of those movies. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised by the writing. I know very little in the way of New Warriors, but I never once felt lost or confused. From the very beginning, I was interested and it kept my attention focused.

This issue focused on a new character, Sofia, and it really dug deep and got into her head. I felt like I knew her to a degree, but I want to know more.

We also start to get a feel for what this current team is going to be all about. Basically, they wants to fight crime and not be told what to do by the government. They’re the anti-registration team of the Marvel Universe alongside the New Avengers. So if you found yourself rooting for Captain America and the New Avengers, this is definitely a book for you.

The art was done by Paco Medina. I’m not familiar with his earlier work, but his art here was mighty fine. His storytelling was spot on and it felt almost like I was watching the comic on TV. In this issue, many of the characters were out of uniform for the most part. That can sometimes get confusing, mainly because the faces start to look all the same, but I never once had that problem here. In fact, each character, no matter how small, had a distinctive look that you could easily identify later.

Also, if you’re a fan of the Clone Saga, there is a small nod to that. If you’re not a fan, then forget I said anything, because you’ll probably miss it.

Overall, this comic had a strong first outing. I will definitely be coming back for more issues and adding it to my pull list. I am glad New Warriors caught my eye so I could give it a try.