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My stalking habits of Jason M. Burns and Joe Eisma continue with this review of Serpo out of Devils Due Publishing. What can I say, these guys seem to have single handedly sucked me in using their tractor beam from their mother ship. Serpo is a sci-fi story that is based on the “true” events following the alien space ship crash in Roswell, New Mexico.

The Dummy’s Guide to Danger: Lost at Sea team of writer Jason M. Burns and artist Joe Eisma have re-united on a project spearheaded by the TV producer Vin Di Bona. The interesting thing about this story is that is based on the true events that played out of the UFO that supposedly crashed back in late 1940’s. The events that transpired are documented in extensive detail on the website Assuming this story did indeed happen, reading the graphic novel plays out more like a documentary than a sci-fi thriller. Continue reading “Caught My Eye: Serpo”

Caught My Eye: Indiana Jones Adventures Vol 1

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I am a child of the 80’s, and like a good majority I grew up watching Raiders of the Last Ark, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade. I watched those three movies so much that I wore out several VHS copies of them and had to bug my parents for replacements fairly often. It is a safe bet that Indiana Jones is my favorite fictional character of all time. When I was growing up, I often dreamed of fighting Nazis and discovering some lost relic with the aid of my trusty whip.

As most people know, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull just came out. In preparation of the movie’s release, I decided to check out a new series of Indiana Jones comics that Dark Horse released. The comic in question is Indiana Jones Adventures Volume 1 and is geared more for younger readers who might be fans of the Clone Wars series Dark Horse puts out. I have yet to read a comic based on a live action character that made the transition perfectly, mainly due to clunky dialog and art not really looking like the actors. My imagination is just not wired that way. They usually look like stiff cardboard cutouts or absolutely nothing like the actors. The reason I decided to give this series a try is that it is more of a cartoon representation and I felt that would be different enough to ease me into the book. Continue reading “Caught My Eye: Indiana Jones Adventures Vol 1”

Caught My Eye: Perfect Dark: Initial Vector

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This review will be a little different from what you normally see from me. I am pretty much a comic book man on Amish Otaku, but I recently read a novel that I felt compelled to talk about. The novel is Perfect Dark: Initial Vector and is written by comic book writer and novelist Greg Rucka. What I found interesting and noteworthy of Perfect Dark: Initial Vector was that it is a novel based on a video game and written by a pretty popular comic book writer. That mash up alone makes it a prime candidate here, despite being a format which we hardly cover.

As most of you may know, Perfect Dark was a video game by Rare that came out on the Nintendo 64 some years ago. It was the follow up to the widely popular Goldeneye on the same system. More recently, Rare joined forces with Microsoft and released a prequel game on the X-Box 360 title Perfect Dark: Zero. The basic premise is that the lead character is somewhat of a spy/general ass kicker for an agency called the Carrington Institute where their primary targets are super powerful corporations. It is set a few years into the future, where of course they have flying cars amongst other cool gadgets we are still waiting for. Continue reading “Caught My Eye: Perfect Dark: Initial Vector”

Caught My Eye: Noble Causes Archives Volume 1

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Noble Causes is a book that has caught my eye for a long time, but I just never got the full urge to read it until the recent archive collections were solicited. While some comic books are often compared to soap operas due to the themes and long running plots, Noble Causes embraces that concept and bases the entire series on it.

That does not mean the comic is looking for an audience within stay at home moms and grandmothers, but that it focuses on the characters and builds on them in ways few other comic books do.

The release of this archive collection (and soon the second volume) coincided with a new push in the series. These two huge collections contain the entire series up to the point in the series where it takes a five year jump in the story as a way to get new readers to try out the series and feel comfortable with all the history of the title. From a marketing perspective, that seems like a good idea since DC did something similar with One Year Later following the Infinite Crisis crossover.

Continue reading “Caught My Eye: Noble Causes Archives Volume 1”

Caught My Eye – Gypsy Joe Jefferson

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It would seem that I’m turning into something of a roadie of writer Jason M. Burns, but the truth is he’s sending me advance things to review that no one else has! One thing that can be said about Jason’s work is that he has a billion ideas rumbling around in his head. I kind of think of him as a new up-and-coming version of Grant Morrison because he has some pretty out there ideas that are just different from what you’re used to. Gypsy Joe Jefferson proves this trend continues.

Gypsy Joe Jefferson is a former boxer who has retired from the sport due to getting older and not being able to compete with the new, younger guys. His wife is a corporate woman who landed him a gig in security where, naturally, the bigwigs decided to take more from him than his yearly bonus. The basic plot is that he was altered in such a way that after being around people for five minutes, they start to go stark raving mad. The story follows Joe as he comes to terms with this and tries to find those responsible. Continue reading “Caught My Eye – Gypsy Joe Jefferson”