Q-Treats 2: Italian Chicken Rolls

Ah yes… It’s been a while since the first Q-Treats. To be honest, I had about three dishes documented visually and ready to write articles on. However, an upgrade to the newest version of OSX and somehow messing up my backups left me without those pictures as well as a few other things. Ah, well, such is life in geekdom.

However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been thinking up things to cook… In fact, this will be the first of three dishes I’ll be bringing you in the next couple of weeks. This recipe was an experiment for dinner a few days ago and it turned out pretty well.

Oh, and it’s pretty easy! There’s a little bit of work involved, but you’re not going to spend hours in the kitchen over this one. Continue reading “Q-Treats 2: Italian Chicken Rolls”