Drawn To Life: DS Side-Scrollers Get Creative

Guest Post

It’s been crazy here in Oxford, Mississippi, with football season going full tilt. In fact, for three weeks straight the restaurant has been slammed with hungry game fans waiting to get their eat on.

Unfortunately, this means I’ve had little time to get my game on. What with all that cooking… Still, I’ve had some time to play some games, especially with my trusty DS always nearby. In fact, lately I’ve been able to play something that allows me to be creative while still going to town on an old-school side-scrolling platformer. Well, old-school at heart anyway. Continue reading “Drawn To Life: DS Side-Scrollers Get Creative”

Supreme Commander: Giant Robots Make Tanks Very Flat


So this game’s been hyped up for the past eighteen-hundred months, a game that claims to revolutionize the RTS genre for everyone. So what does it have?

New system? Nope.

Really awesome graphics with low requirements? You wish.

No, it really just dives right into the inner geek of everyone who loved playing RTS games, who said to themselves, “Hey, if I could just step on them, then they’d like… die faster.” So hey, someone heard you! Continue reading “Supreme Commander: Giant Robots Make Tanks Very Flat”