The Beatles Rock Band

I honestly never thought the day would come when we could look forward to playing a Beatles song in Guitar Hero or Rock Band. The rights to the songs are wrapped up tighter than a Gordian Knot and not even iTunes has Beatles songs available for download. However, on September 9th that day will finally be here.

The game will have 45 tracks on the disc when it ships. While that’s slightly more than half of what Rock Band 2 shipped with, this game promises to be a much more immersive experience. The buzz word that’s being tossed around is “experiential.”

Only 10 songs have been announced so far: I Saw Her Standing There, I Want To Hold Your Hand,I Feel Fine,Taxman,Day Tripper, Back In The USSR,I Am The Walrus,Octopus‘s Garden,Here Comes The Sun,and Get Back.


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Team Ninja + Nintendo = Metroid: Other M

I think we all knew that another Metroid title was inevitable. The series that was started by Gunpei Yokoi back in 1986 only got better and more intricate as it aged. And while it’s nothing new to have an outside developer work on the series I don’t think anyone was ready for the announcement that the legendary Team Ninja from Tecmo would be the collaborators on this project.


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Capcom Reveals Three Mega Man 9 Bosses

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve been eagerly awaiting the new Mega Man 9 soon to be available on all three current-gen systems. And today Capcom has released information on three of the new bosses to be featured in the game.

From their press release:

Magma Man:
Magma Man serves as the safety control robot at a large geothermal power plant. He is able to work in incredibly hot environments and loves to visit hot spas.

Weapon: Magma Bazooka
Magma Bazooka shoots a cluster of fireballs that spread out after launching. It can also be charged by holding down the shot button. Continue reading “Capcom Reveals Three Mega Man 9 Bosses”

Preview: Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure

Guest Post

Have you ever found yourself playing a platformer and thought to yourself “This game could really use some puzzles right about now,” or conversely been playing a puzzle game and acutely felt the urge to run, jump and shoot stuff? If this sounds like you then EA may just have the game for you.

The game has been tentatively titled Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure and it’s being developed by EA Casual Studios for the Nintendo DS. While the press release doesn’t go into the puzzle gameplay very deep other than to call them “combo puzzles,” the platformer side of it seems pretty straight forward. From the press release: “Jump, fight, and shoot your way through more than 30 levels, including nearly a dozen hidden levels and take on outrageous world-ending bosses.” Continue reading “Preview: Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure”

Wii Virtual Console Releases for 8/11/08

Telltale Games

The most exciting thing to ever happen to WiiWare is finally upon us. Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner has finally hit the Wii for 1000 points and fanboys everywhere are surely up in a tizzy. I know I’m kind of excited.

From everything I understand SBCG4AP is a point-and-click adventure in the same vein as Roberta Williams’ King’s Quest games. I’m curious to see what state-of-the-art cell shaded graphics will do for the genre, but I’m more interested in how the developers will take advantage of the point-and-click interface given Homestar Runner’s predilection for Easter eggs.

Other releases after the jump.

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift (Long title for a game with a long review)

Guest Post

Sitting here in a hair salon just South of Boston, it occurs to me that, up to now, I’ve written about PC games, console games, and game modifications…But have left the subject of portable games woefully underrepresented.In recognition of this fact, I feel that it’s time to break my silence on the subject and bring my – admittedly slight – experience to bear on you: my adoring public.In fact, I’m so committed to the idea, I’m typing this with my thumbs on my recently-purchased LG Voyager phone.

So PSP, DS, GBA, Game Gear, Gameboy…Consider this my penance to the portable gaming world, as anybody who has “typed” anything of significant length with their thumbs can attest.

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Review: Mega Man Starforce 2 Zerker X Ninja/Saurian



Mega Man Starforce 2 Zerker X Ninja is the first new Mega Man game I’ve played since I rented Mega Man X for my SNES many years ago. That means I never played any of the sequels to X or played any of the portable versions. That also means I never heard of the alternate Mega Man time line where instead of robot technology reaching ascendancy, network technology took the developmental lead. This is the setup for the Battle Network series of games released for the Game Boy.

Two hundred years after the events in those games take place – in the year 220X – a new hero will take up the moniker of Mega Man. His name is Geo Stellar and that, not the fact that he’s in fifth grade, should be your first hint that the story in this game is going to be directed squarely at a preteen demographic. In fact almost every character, location and plot point in this game has the intellectual complexity of an arithmetic test using only one digit numbers presented in a true/false fashion.

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Caught My Eye: Perfect Dark: Initial Vector

Guest Post

This review will be a little different from what you normally see from me. I am pretty much a comic book man on Amish Otaku, but I recently read a novel that I felt compelled to talk about. The novel is Perfect Dark: Initial Vector and is written by comic book writer and novelist Greg Rucka. What I found interesting and noteworthy of Perfect Dark: Initial Vector was that it is a novel based on a video game and written by a pretty popular comic book writer. That mash up alone makes it a prime candidate here, despite being a format which we hardly cover.

As most of you may know, Perfect Dark was a video game by Rare that came out on the Nintendo 64 some years ago. It was the follow up to the widely popular Goldeneye on the same system. More recently, Rare joined forces with Microsoft and released a prequel game on the X-Box 360 title Perfect Dark: Zero. The basic premise is that the lead character is somewhat of a spy/general ass kicker for an agency called the Carrington Institute where their primary targets are super powerful corporations. It is set a few years into the future, where of course they have flying cars amongst other cool gadgets we are still waiting for. Continue reading “Caught My Eye: Perfect Dark: Initial Vector”

My Word Coach: Vocabulary Training

Recently Ubisoft received a lot of praise from Nintendo for their My Word Coach title. Specifically, Reggie Fils-Aime said, “You got it. You guys got exactly the type of game we want for this machine.” And Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, went so far as to treat the Ubisoft team as an internal developer, sharing game design philosophies for the DS and Wii.

After spending a few days with the game, I have to say Nintendo was way off with their effusive praise but Ubisoft is on the right track nonetheless.

The stated purpose of My Word Coach is to improve your vocabulary. Sometimes the game achieves this goal and other times it fails miserably. The game was created in partnership with the National Center for Family Literacy and in association with Dr. Thomas Cobb from the University of Quebec at Montreal. While it’s tempting to discount the game because Dr. Cobb teaches at a francophone university, he does have the credentials to be the creator of this game – not just a technical advisor. Continue reading “My Word Coach: Vocabulary Training”

Bargain Review: Ninja Gaiden and Strider

We’re bringing back the Bargain Review with two NES games that first saw the light of day in arcades in the 80s. And since this is the NES we’re talking about, you already know the arcade version of each of the games was better than its console counterpart. Grab your swords and cover your face because today Bargain Review is looking at the first console appearances of Ryu Hayabusa and Strider Hiryu.

Ninja Gaiden
Tecmo, 1989

The first thing you notice about Ninja Gaiden once you start playing it is that it’s nothing like the arcade game which was very similar to Capcom’s early brawlers. In fact, it’s very much like Castlevania. While the physics of the game and the hero’s weapon are different, the core mechanics of the games are nearly identical. Continue reading “Bargain Review: Ninja Gaiden and Strider”