Bat-mania: Keaton Batmobile on Ebay!

None other than Keaton Batmobile number five is up for sale on Ebay! The price is currently up at over $110,000 with the reserve not met and around 20 hours to go, this is wee bit on the expensive side. On the other hand, there were only four more of these Impala based and Chevy 350 powered icons ever made with the added bragging rights of being a genuine movie car! If this 20 foot monster is even street legal, could you imagine showing up to a cruise night in it? You’ll get even more attention than the similarly valued Mopar wing cars, lame Italian exotics, basically anything short of the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile or the Wonder Woman Invisible Plane! Of course, if I had that kind of dough to spend on a car, I’d have several different ones, but right now, I’d have a 1970 El Camino SS, 1967 Pontiac GTO ragtop, a 2008 Harley Davidson Night Rod and a Subaru Outback sedan with an STI motor in it, with the latter being my all-weather daily driver. But that is just me and if you’d ask me tomorrow or in ten minutes from now, my answers would probably change. Anyway, feast on what you cannot afford.