Bat-mania: More Bat-kicks (and some Supes shoes also)!

Limited Soles

Hey everybody! Anyone try on Air Force 1’s? They are super comfy, like wearing a velour cigar robe for your feet! With the Velcro strap on the mid and high models and “Air Sole” in all, they have every bit of that old-school panache from the days when Casio watches were high-tech and 190hp was incredible power from a V8. They have been produced in thousands of colors since being introduced way back in 1982 and are one of the most popular lines of all time, having been the basis for likely thousands of customs and models by boutique designers, including these DC-themed ones brought to you by Limited Soles!

Today I have for you their entire line up which consists of: Batman, Joker and Superman models! They all feature full-grain leather uppers with Batman’s getting additional exclusive suede panels. They also sport embossing, Batman’s with his face and logo, Superman’s with an actually legible issue of the Daily Planet and Metropolis cityscape and the Joker’s with his face and the classic “HAHAHAHA” from the comic books.

One set of kicks is limited to 1938 pairs, one to 1940 pairs and the other to 1939 pairs. Can you guess as to which pair is being released in which quantity? With the price at $110, they are not on the extreme side of a  low-volume, high quality pair of collectible footwear. Click here for more information.

Written by Ahmad Chaudhary