Transformers: Air Trainer Huarache, Air Max 90 Boot, and Air Trainer 2 aka Bo Jacksons

If anyone needs to satisfy their jonesing for Transformers anything, consider these creatively designed kicks produced by Nike. While these were released last year to coincide with the live-craption movie, Transfans may want to pick up a pair to hold themselves out until the sequel, titled Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen like an F-grade butt-rock band, bows next summer, which will probably bring forth a new slew of Trans-kicks, hence the specific title of this post.

If anyone has ever tried on a pair of Air Max sneakers, they know that the walking-on-marshmallow like comfort puts most every other shoe on the trailer, especially Chuck Taylor products, which look cool. I like the look and I really, do but after having worn them consistently since 1991, super-cushioned Nikes have me spoiled. Especially considering that Chucks are no longer made in Springfield, Massachusetts and are sweatshop made by Nike in China, there is no reason to use the elitist pro-American stance that you once used to deny yourself the truth.

Of course, with the way these are colored, they are likely going to take up space next to your Takara Masterpiece Edition Starscream in your closet instead of on your feet.

These 3M reflective covered badboys are loaded with technical graph-paper striping and are readily available here, here, and here. Click the links for some great pictures as well!

Also of note, Revenge of the Fallen has had scenes filmed in Bethlehem, PA, which happens to be the town I was born in. The AO fanbase, which is numerically reminiscent of the NKOTB fan club circa 1991, will remember how much I hated Transformers. I have decided to not take it personally.