Bat-mania: Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Batman Hi

Guest Post

Anyone remember when Chucks aka Converse All-Star sneakers were worn only by nerds and you could routinely find them on the clearance racks? I do and though this was about ten years ago, sometimes my biggest concern then would be whether or not they’d even be around at all. These days I hardly even wear Chucks anymore, instead favoring their yuppie summertime cousins, Jack Purcells and Air Jordan colored Air Force 1’s.

Regardless, It wasn’t uncommon at one point in the not too distant past to find Chucks for $20- $30. Ragingly popular as geek and rock-star chic are in, Converse is now owned by Nike, and though they are no longer made in the States, we have them to thank for not letting the historical brand die and also flooding the market with unique models that were unthinkable a decade ago. Designers like John Varvatos have put their cutting edge design talents into use and unbelievably have made history with the first Chucks pair that have crossed the $100 mark.

That is relatively old news by now, as is the $300 pair. Would you ever consider paying that much? How about if they were leather, Batman themed Converse boots? Released in 2005 to coincide with the release of Batman Begins, they ironically resembled the Keaton Batman boots more than the Bale versions. I was in love with these bad boys when they came out. The look of tank boots and the lightweight comfort of Chucks? They seemed like the number one candidate to make my Dr Martens obsolete, until I hit $300 price, which was and is too rich for my blood. Despite my not so deep pockets, Bat-fans snapped them up quickly as they have not left a trace of them online, except on Pick Your Shoes dot-com, which mercifully, perhaps optimistically, still has them listed, in-case someone is interested in a trade-in. Aside from the price, I thought that they were worth a mention and undoubtedly have been one of the cooler movie tie-ins to ever come out.

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