Ikaruga: One Shooter to Rule Them All

Freaky boss of Level 2

Ikaruga has a reputation as the best shooter on the market and for increasing the “frothing demand” of IGN editors. The game’s reputation is well deserved, and as we speak many gamers are frothing in their demand for the Xbox Live release of this title first revealed by CVG on Valentine’s Day.

At its core the game is a vertical shooter that has you facing waves of enemy aircraft and fire in beautifully rendered levels. There’s an oversized boss for you to fight at the end of each level.

What sets Ikaruga apart from its competitors is the gameplay. Continue reading “Ikaruga: One Shooter to Rule Them All”

Donkey Konga 2: More Music, More Monkeys, More Mayhem


I can’t easily explain why I like Donkey Konga 2. I enjoy banging along to songs I know and like, but I certainly don’t feel cool doing it like I do with Guitar Hero. The game was developed by Namco post-Katamari Damacy so it’s got a goofy, irreverent appeal as well. But I think it’s mostly my addictive personality as there are plenty of songs to complete and coins to earn, which let you unlock a large amount of other content.

The main game mode is street performance. This is where you collect coins and get rated on how well you perform the song. There are six levels of difficulty to choose from, but half of those difficulties are actually alternate pattern sets for the songs (which can only be unlocked when you’ve ranked high enough for that song in the corresponding difficulty level). Further, the hardest level of play requires that you unlock the songs individually with the coins you earn by playing the songs. Continue reading “Donkey Konga 2: More Music, More Monkeys, More Mayhem”