Bargain Review: Ninja Gaiden and Strider

We’re bringing back the Bargain Review with two NES games that first saw the light of day in arcades in the 80s. And since this is the NES we’re talking about, you already know the arcade version of each of the games was better than its console counterpart. Grab your swords and cover your face because today Bargain Review is looking at the first console appearances of Ryu Hayabusa and Strider Hiryu.

Ninja Gaiden
Tecmo, 1989

The first thing you notice about Ninja Gaiden once you start playing it is that it’s nothing like the arcade game which was very similar to Capcom’s early brawlers. In fact, it’s very much like Castlevania. While the physics of the game and the hero’s weapon are different, the core mechanics of the games are nearly identical. Continue reading “Bargain Review: Ninja Gaiden and Strider”

Bargain Review: Mario and Luigi, Partners in Time

If you read my review of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo, you might have guessed that I would enjoy the other games in the series as well. I honestly could not tell you. I was so turned off by the series’ sudden change in direction with the Paper Mario games that I didn’t bother to purchase them. It was only recently that I stumbled across a used copy of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga at the local GameStop for a cheaper than usual price. Lured by nearly unanimous good reviews and the promise of a non-Paper Mario adventure, I picked up the game and plugged it into the Silver Taco (my nickname for my old-style Gameboy Advance). Could this game revive my interest in the series and, dare I say it, give me the same warm and fuzzy feelings that the original did? Continue reading “Bargain Review: Mario and Luigi, Partners in Time”