MAGFest 7 Approaches

I know I haven’t been taking good care of Amish Otaku lately and for that I apologize but something of great importance has roused me from my apathy. In a little over two months one of the most epic events to grace this continent will be upon us and I feel it is my responsibility, no, my duty to herald its approach.

Only once per year can an event of this magnitude be contained in any one place. Only when the ice of winter has sunk its teeth into the northern hemisphere can the awesome amounts of energy that bring life to this event be condensed into one location. Verily, the epic righteousness that is MAGFest would leave a crater in the earth the size of Alaska were it to be held for more than three consecutive days in a year… and yet even that limit will be pushed solely to bring more awesome into your life.

You may doubt me but you cannot doubt the awesomeness of at least 13 bands and over 72 hours of non-stop video game/music action.

Still not convinced, then I suggest you watch this video that will help convince you.

MAGFest, it’s what plants crave